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Benefits of a Flexible Work Schedule

If you’re thinking about a career change, working in the insurance industry can be one of the most rewarding options out there. Insurance professionals get to experience first-hand the satisfaction that comes from helping people protect themselves - and their loved ones - from unforeseen risks. On a personal level, working as an insurance professional also offers perks that go beyond attractive earnings potential. One of those perks is the flexibility that comes from being in charge of your own success.

Rather than punching a clock and working a typical "9 to 5" job, insurance agents generally have great flexibility to arrange their own schedules - that flexibility comes with a number of benefits.

1. Flexibility to Handle all of Life's Demands

Life is busy; when you're working a full-time job, it can be stressful and frustrating when scheduling time to go to medical appointments, attend children's sporting or music events, or to be home for a repairman or delivery person. When you have flexibility over your schedule, you can often work around those important life events while still getting your work done.

2. Reduced Travel Time and Expense

You may find that working a flexible schedule also reduces the time you spend commuting, as you can try to avoid rush-hour highways or crowded transportation when you do need to travel. When you work from home, you'll have zero commute to the office, saving both time and money.

3. Reduced Burnout and Fatigue Risk

When you are more in control of your work schedule, you can work when you feel freshest and most alert and can take breaks when you need to do so. You won't have a boss lurking over your shoulder or watching the clock every time you need to step away from the phone and computer.

4. Time to Take Care of Yourself

Many people who have control over their work schedules report improvements to their health. Job flexibility can give you the time you need in your busy schedule to get to the gym more and to take control of your health by making and keeping regular medical and dental appointments.


Experience the Benefits of Flexibility for Yourself: Work With Symmetry Financial Group!

The insurance professionals at Symmetry Financial Group get to experience the benefits of a flexible work schedule on a daily basis. To learn more about what makes us different from the competition and why Entrepreneur Magazine and Culture IQ recognized Symmetry Financial Group as having a Top Company Culture for 2017, contact us today. We're proud to be much more than a typical insurance agency.

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